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Did you know that when it comes to calls we are the global leader in the adult field? If your online listings and ads are not really working give Skokka a try and you will soon notice the difference. Post your ad for FREE!! In about a month our website gathers more than 10 million sessions from organic traffic only…. Read more »

MOST VIEWED ADS…… How to create the perfect one!

Hi girls, How many times has your ad received very few visits… or not even one? Would you like to increase the number of visitors and gain much more calls? Follow these simple suggestions and you will obtain an unexpected triumph!! Let’s go!! First rule: Who is reading your ad? Men Second rule: What do men want to get from a call… Read more »

My ads are always deleted by the staff…. Why????

Hi guys, this question in support department, is “THE MAIN QUESTION” we receive from our users …… what mean? We usually receive a lot of email from people who continuously seen their ad deleted every day…. and….. they do not understanting the motivation…. so, here, in this post, we want explain to all of you why, some colleagues, aim at… Read more »

Did you made mistakes? Forgot something? Modify your ad instantly!

Hi Folks! You put a wrong telephone number? you want to add pictures? you need change something in your ad? Take it easy!! It’s very simply to do…… How? Let me show you…. If you are registered in our website, simply click on login, look for your ad in your personal “private area” then click on “EDIT” and make all… Read more »

New Photogallery for your ads…… 10 is better than 3 !!

Hi guys & girls….. What’s new? Do you think 10 pictures on your ad will be better than only three  ….?? Of course…. what else!! So ….. according with or development equipe we made some changes in our amazing website….. to give to our visitors and (of course ) you too more satisfaction. We decided to add 7 images more to… Read more »

Skokka is only Skokka……. be carefull!!

Hello! With this post we would like to inform you about the different internet scams and frauds which are present on the internet and can occur also on our website. There are some people who contact our users representing themselves as “Skokka agents”, asking them money to purchase credits or post ads on their behalf, and then they dissapear therefore… Read more »

Why is it better to buy packets of credits instead of paying directly for an ad?!!


Hello dear publisher, In this post we would like to explain you the reasons why it’s better to purchase a packet of credits rather than paying for your ad directly. As you may know, on you can make the payment for your ads in 2 different ways: 1) By publishing an ad and paying for it 2) By purchasing… Read more »


Hello dear publisher, Do you know what “One Click Payment System” is? NOOOOOOO?!?!?! We will explain it to you immediately !! The ONE CLICK payment is an option of the bank (pay attention to this case, the option is of the bank, not the website, under the * symbol we will explain what does that mean) that allows you to… Read more »