Start paying with Bitcoin. Promote your ad

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Bitcoin is the easiest way to pay on the Internet. Did you know that? Did you know about the existence of this paying option? Is a cryptocurrency created in 2009. An innovative project in continuous development that could change many different economical aspects. How to pay with Bitcoin (BTC)? As of today there are countries such as Singapore, the UK… Read more »

How to remove your ad on Skokka. Easily delete your post


As you already know Skokka is the leader in the adult contact ads field. Besides, their modus operandi is presented as the easiest way to establish personal relationships. Together with jobs, friends, household chores and everything else we don’t have time to look for our prince charming or our fairy tale princess. In order to help you get someone like… Read more »

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Did you know that when it comes to calls we are the global leader in the adult field? If your online listings and ads are not really working give Skokka a try and you will soon notice the difference. Post your ad for FREE!! In about a month our website gathers more than 10 million sessions from organic traffic only…. Read more »

MOST VIEWED ADS…… How to create the perfect one!

Hi girls, How many times has your ad received very few visits… or not even one? Would you like to increase the number of visitors and gain much more calls? Follow these simple suggestions and you will obtain an unexpected triumph!! Let’s go!! First rule: Who is reading your ad? Men Second rule: What do men want to get from a call… Read more »

My ads are always deleted by the staff…. Why????

Hi guys, this question in support department, is “THE MAIN QUESTION” we receive from our users …… what mean? We usually receive a lot of email from people who continuously seen their ad deleted every day…. and….. they do not understanting the motivation…. so, here, in this post, we want explain to all of you why, some colleagues, aim at… Read more »