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My ads are always deleted by the staff…. Why????

Hi guys, this question in support department, is “THE MAIN QUESTION” we receive from our users …… what mean? We usually receive a lot of email from people who continuously seen their ad deleted every day…. and….. they do not understanting the motivation…. so, here, in this post, we want explain to all of you why, some colleagues, aim at… Read more »

New Photogallery for your ads…… 10 is better than 3 !!

Hi guys & girls….. What’s new? Do you think 10 pictures on your ad will be better than only three  ….?? Of course…. what else!! So ….. according with or development equipe we made some changes in our amazing website….. to give to our visitors and (of course ) you too more satisfaction. We decided to add 7 images more to… Read more »


Hello dear publisher, Do you know what “One Click Payment System” is? NOOOOOOO?!?!?! We will explain it to you immediately !! The ONE CLICK payment is an option of the bank (pay attention to this case, the option is of the bank, not the website, under the * symbol we will explain what does that mean) that allows you to… Read more »